Drone is a Java IRC bot built on the RIFE framework.

Drone has a modular API which makes it possible to easily extend and customize the active feature set. Drone sports a modern web administration interface to handle all common tasks and a public logging section. Installation is done by simply dropping a war in your servlet container or running the standalone distribution.


  • Abstracted IRC protocol
  • Easy configuration
  • Multiple bots can run on multiple servers in multiple channels
  • Intuitive module API
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Ships with useful modules
    • do
    • faq
    • help
    • httperror
    • identify (with nickserv)
    • log
    • ping
    • quit
    • regexp
    • register (with nickserv)
    • say
    • seen
    • version
  • Runs inside or outside a servlet container
  • Database storage of collected data
  • Powerful web search of logged conversations
  • Web interface for posting messages to IRC remotely

Try it out now by reading how to install a binary distribution.

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